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HTML5 Web Game

The Brief:
APM wanted a game to re-engage their customers, especially when Singapore is getting closer to treating Covid-19 as endemic. We will be running a 3 weeks event using HTML5 game, following the 2 successful games Block Catching and Boba Chase.

The Solution:
APM’s team suggested a racing game, because F1 is back! In the game, you will see different obstacles, and a special mode for players to collect shopping bags to earn participation rewards.

The game has the following features

  • Smooth casual racing control
  • 2 dynamic obstacles and 3 static obstacles
  • 3 bags + 1 rainbow bag
  • 1 Power-up
  • Energy system, to refill 1 energy every hour
  • Leaderboard
  • Participation reward

In our clients’ previous games, there were players who submitted fake high scores at the last minute to win the top prizes. We added our GameGuard system to handle hacking activities and compiled legit players for the client after each event.

We also created a microsite in the same Art style to go with the game.

Play on your browser now!

Game Event period 12 Sep 2022 – 3 Oct 2022

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